Me (rashad), Jon, and Chris have drawn alot of comics over the years, so much so that I figure we got enough to provide you with a new one every Friday well into 2011. Which we're gonna do until we run out, but I figure by then we'll have more. And check in regularly because we'll be updating this place with sketches, photos, and other random things, like movie reviews and/or rants (Rashad) Oh and one quick Disclaimer: An occasional story or 2 may be left unfinished, but posted anyway to show what could have been and I think it's kinda cool/artistic to see/show in progress/discarded works. Enjoy!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Why!

Just short little awesome comic about the perils of dating from Chris Mullins. Also get ready cause starting next week Jonathan's kicking off a 3 parter called Fika Tournament!

Happy New Years!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Who, Me?

First I have to say have you seen Tron?!!! how about True Grit? well you need to if you haven't. great films for very different reasons with the exception of Jeff Bridges just being ridiculously awesome in both.

But on to why you're here (i hope lol) this week's story is Who, Me? It's an older one of mine (2003-2004) right before I started going to SCAD. It was my response to what if Mtv's TRL was mashed up with superheroes. I think it's one of my better written things to some extent, and I'll redraw it someday. Or get someone else too. Got Jonathan to do some new character designs right before he started working on the epic known as Chicken Fight. Anyway ENJOY!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Odd Couple and then some

So we decided to slow down the action a bit this week with some short gag stories from Jonathan. I think he did these all for his Intro to Sequential Art class...... I would have hated him if he was my class, lol, dude totally destroys the curve. Enjoy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dodge This!

So this week we have 2 versions of Chris Mullins' Dodge This! comic, the first is the newer, unfinished version and the second is the completed older one. It kinda shows how an idea can evolve. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Dog is a Superhero! #7

Early update, I'm going to be super-busy the next two days due to my homey Jason Reeves' wedding bonanza, so wanted to get this up here before the festivities begin. So here it is, My Dog Is A Superhero #7, lol this was the first time I ever drew these characters. Kinda grew out of my head after watching Ben 10, digimon and my lil sister's dog. Was even lucky enough to get Becky Driestadt to ink this. Some of you may have read this, but I added a new cover just for you (and for me, the old one makes me angry, lol ). and if you want to read more adventures starring Ashleigh and Wolfboy then please buy volume one!

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