Me (rashad), Jon, and Chris have drawn alot of comics over the years, so much so that I figure we got enough to provide you with a new one every Friday well into 2011. Which we're gonna do until we run out, but I figure by then we'll have more. And check in regularly because we'll be updating this place with sketches, photos, and other random things, like movie reviews and/or rants (Rashad) Oh and one quick Disclaimer: An occasional story or 2 may be left unfinished, but posted anyway to show what could have been and I think it's kinda cool/artistic to see/show in progress/discarded works. Enjoy!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Don't Let Me Down!

First Post!!
And for your viewing pleasure we have two ways to read this tale. I kinda like the digital comic-reader thing. Set it to fullscreen/magazine view and you'll see why. But if flash nonsense isn't your bag, the whole thing is attached in this post. Also got some developmental sketches at the end. Enjoy! Also Special Thanks to this weeks guest star Jarrett (SPKO) Williams!

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