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Monday, November 1, 2010

Awesome Reads a.k.a. I heard Jay-Z is in the Iluminatti

I think I might have mentioned in that big text block at the top of the page that I'd occasionally go on a rant or review things, so this post a little of both.

First off is I read today that there are some folks that think Jay Z is in the Illuminati and is an agent of Satan. So much so that some dude made a song about it. (not linking cause I feel bad enough about giving this some attention) and I know I should just totally disregard this but the absurdity of it just gets to me.

1. if you're afraid of the Illuminati ruining your life I assume that Jay-Z should be the least of your worries considering that I'm sure there's much richer, more influential members of the group who should get your full attention.

2. Also is it so hard to believe that somebody like Jay-Z is successful cause he worked his butt off to get it. Why does a successful black man or any person for that matter have to make a deal with the devil to rise up from obscurity? lol did the devil get a three for one that includes Oprah and Barack?

3. My point is that this is ridiculous and I wish people would devote that energy to bringing something awesome to the world. Instead of making a song hating on the success of Jay-Z how about try to make a good song or better yet defeat your "enemy" and/or prove how awesome you are by becoming as or even more successful than Jigga. Nah but that involves hard work, or lol a deal with the devil. good grief.

Alright so now on to more positive things, I read some great comics last week. The first being Teen Titans #88 which is the premier of the new creative team of JT Krul and artist Nicola Scott. First off I gotta say it's good to see more female creators on high-profile books. Miss Scott is definitely one the best artists at DC right now. And the issue was pretty solid as well. But be warned this is definitely a book for those who like superhero comics. If guys and gals in spandex isn't your thing then I doubt this book will change your mind. But if you loved Claremont's classic run on X-men or Perez and Wolfman's Titan stories of the past, then you'll be right at home here. The book opens with the team taking out some were-wolf-ish dudes going on a rampage. which serves to introduce the new roster and how they interact. The current group includes Conner Kent (Superboy), Raven, Ravage (deathstroke's {slade to you teen titans toon fans} daughter) Wondergirl, Kid Flash (Impulse), Beast Boy and surprise final member, who I'm sure you can guess considering the one titan who's not on this list but is always on the team......... Ok screw it, it's Damian Wayne. Batman's son and the current boy wonder. Anyway I'm pretty sold on the dynamics of the group. Conner's super confident which is great considering all the soul searching the character did in previous comics. Bart's impuslive as ever but now's he's super intelligent which adds alot the character. Raven is of course kinda emo. Ravager clearly brings some edge to the team, kinda in the way Wolverine used to back in the day. Wonder Girl's pulling a Cyclops dealing with the stresses of being a leader and Beast Boy....... well I feel like he's too old to be on this team but then again since Geoff John's run on the book there's always been a veteran Titan in the group to coral the new bunch. Point being though, this mix should definitely result in awesome, fun, old school super-hero stories. My favorite part being that Krul spent some time showing them acting like teens, (Conner and Wonder-Girl may break up, and cause he might be into Ravager and she can't date and be leader, oh noes!) which is almost always a missing element in most teen super-books. So check it out if that kind of thing floats your boat.

Oh I also read another fantastic issue of Ultimate Spiderman by Brian Bendis and new regular artist Sarah Pichelli Seriously why aren't you reading this book. Singlehandedly been the best and most consistent super-book for almost 10 years. That's right folks as much as people lament about how super-books always have different creators screwing up the original's intent or just flat out reading differently with each new team, Bendis has overseen this version of Pete for a decade. And it just keeps getting better. I kinda wish more people took the time to read this cause it truly is a shining example of what can be done with modern superhero books. Ok I'll stop praising and just get to the details.

This issue dealt with the fallout of ultimate Chameleon (shapeshifting twins) royally screwing up Pete's life even though Aunt May figured the whole thing out early and sent the Torch and Iceman to go help Pete and take down the imposter (oh wait, you didn't know that Iceman and the Human Torch live with pete and Aunt May, or that she knows who her nephew is. kinda cool huh? and definitely not the same spidey stuff you're used to) things still ended up kinda crappy. Imposter Pete kissed Mary Jane and then made out with Gwen (current gf) Then robbed a bunch of banks ruining spidey's cred with the city, cause in this world he had become to be seen as their hero and not a menace. So yeah Pete spends most of the issue in bed but done in way that's pretty interesting. As in each page showed a different day and different person trying to communicate with pete but all using the same page layout. The most interesting being the talk he had with Aunt May proving that sometimes it's good to have a parental figure who knows about our hero's double life so they can give great advice instead of the cliche' of not understanding what's going on.

There's more about Pete meeting a new girl and trying to deal with MJ and Gwen but lol I'm tired of typing. And yeah this comic didn't have a fight scene but the dialogue and story was interesting enough to carry it. Plus the last issue was all fight, so it's good to have slow down moment in this one.

Anyway kudos to anyone who reads off of this.


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