Me (rashad), Jon, and Chris have drawn alot of comics over the years, so much so that I figure we got enough to provide you with a new one every Friday well into 2011. Which we're gonna do until we run out, but I figure by then we'll have more. And check in regularly because we'll be updating this place with sketches, photos, and other random things, like movie reviews and/or rants (Rashad) Oh and one quick Disclaimer: An occasional story or 2 may be left unfinished, but posted anyway to show what could have been and I think it's kinda cool/artistic to see/show in progress/discarded works. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fika Tournament Chapter 3

Whoo, sorry for being a lil late. Ultra busy, but I sure hope you guys are enjoying this (please leave comments btw, let us know what you think of this place and the stories so far) Anyway here's another chapter of this crazy epic. Best battle yet.

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